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It sure is dead in here lately
Posted 04/19/2017 by us

I;m dead inside

We miss the old days when people used this website...

All hail the glow cloud

Wake Shayna Up
Posted 04/19/2017 by Anonymous Tech Supporter


I don't have a tech support tale (I've never worked tech support)
Posted 04/20/2017 by gaby

man am I suddenly tired

I need a belt



*displeasured laugh*

Technicians sometimes make you wonder
Posted 04/20/2017 by anonymous

We're having a lot of trouble with our new tape library (looks like a lemon to me) and techs are running in and out of the data center n times a week. I wouldn't mind that so much, IF they were all competent. Unfortunately it looks more like most of them get their training on this new library model on our premises.

The worst yet was the last one yesterday, although the tech himself was not the one to blame. He came to swap defect drives (yes, plural!), which he did well in the end.

But right from the first look at our library display he started talking to his support line via mobile without telling me what was up. After half an hour I asked what the matter was.

His answer: "Well, your library gui is too old, I've never seen this before and need the proper documentation."

I was a bit surprised, because the last firmware update was at the end of last year, so not sooooo long ago. So I asked him, what the exspected gui should look like and nearly lost my jaw as the result.

Our library type has three "views". The gui of it's predecessor, a new gui that's on top of that and a service console view (don't ask me why it needs all three). The last tech left it in service control view.

On my question this tech described me the gui of this actual model, which was the only one he obviously knew of! So all I did was log off the service console and voila, up came the gui again, because it always defaults to logon on the newest gui.

But I lost more than half an hour just because they don't teach their techs about how many views their libraries have!

Well....Here's your problem!
Posted 04/25/2017 by Jayessell

A guy has an iPad that's not turning on.

I'm hoping it just needs a judicious combination of holding down the home, start and volume buttons.

"Bring the charger and cable also" I ask.

It's a rev 1 or rev 2...The white with a 30 pin socket.

It looks to be in good condition except for the 3rd party fabric cover sort of frayed...


I use mine (I own a rev 1 iPad too!) That I purchased recently and it starts charging from 0%. 33% charge after an hour, on/off ok...mission accomplished!

Minimum charge plus $16 for a cable I got from Staples.

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